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25 Feb 2024 What a priviledge to have captained this team today. I asked them to play as a team, support each other and have fun. They did all that and were undefeated. Won 8-6 against Logan, 9-5 against Meakin Pk and 11-3 against Beenleigh. So proud of them all, smiles all around, fantastic support for eachother all day. Some fantastic darts thrown. Special thank you to Michael and Darren, chief team supporters today as well. Thank you team, Ann

03 March 2024 Well done Redlands today in the Darby and Joan at Logan. Mens team won and ladies finished second by 1 leg. Congratulations to Helen Reay, Bob Cowan and Andrew Smith all throwing a 180. Great team effort everyone 🎯🎯. Also a very special THANK YOU to Marg Lee who has finally said goodbye to captaining. She received a well deserved standing ovation from everyone during the presentation. You will be very missed Marg

Congratulations to our ladies winning the SQDC Ladies shield last night against Inner City 10-1. The score doesn’t indicate how close games were with most going to 3 legs. Thank you to Inner City for a great night, friendly atmosphere and good sportsmanship by both teams.

26 April 2024 Congratulations to our ladies tonight winning the SQDC Ladies challenge shield 7-4 against Inala. Well done team.

John 180.jpg

01 March 2023 Practice made perfect after two years playing darts in the Redlands as John Clem Jr scored his first 180. Mr Clem has played with the 'What's the Point' team at the Redland Darts Association alongside his father, John Clem Sr. Mr Clem said he had enjoyed his time with the Redlands club and was looking forward to more big scores in the future. Getting one 180 is achievement enough, but newly elected Vice President Ian Russell managed to score two 180s consecutively. If you are interested in joining the Redlands darts association you can find information on their Facebook page. Weekly fixture results Division one: Jokers 10, Dumpstarz 6; Darts Simpson's 8, Projectile Dysfunction 8; Game of Throwns forfeit to the Fun Guns. Highest finish men: Ian Martin (144), women: Christine Patterson (59) Division two: Mix it Up 10, Red Barons 6; Darts Vaders 10, Sonic Death Monkeys 6; Eliminators 9, Ducks Nuts 7; Archers 8, Fossils 8. Highest finish men: Russell Smith (88), women: Amanda Henley (54) Division three: What's the Point 8, Three darts to the Wind 6; 60s are Us 8, Bridge Burners 6; Tons of Bull 9, Funny Tuckers 5. Highest finish men: Tom Beaton (137), women: Nicole Rodgers (48) 180s went to Brendan Moelands, Ian Russell (2), Paul Kelly, Jayson Wilson, Bob Cowan, Brett Golding (2) and John Clem Jr, and Jayson Wilson and Paul Quinn scored 171s.

08 March 2023 The first darts season of 2023 is in full swing at the Redlands Darts Association with 22 teams on the hunt for division championships. Fun Guns are in first place just ahead of Projectile Dysfunction in division one. Both teams have only had one loss, but a draw puts the Projectile Dysfunction in second. Eliminators hold a two point lead over Darts Vaders in division two. Tons of Bull are also ahead by two points over Phantom Throwers in division three. High finishes were scored across all three divisions this week, but Ducks Nuts players Will Brett and Peter Lawrence had impressive scores on Wednesday night. Brett executed an 87 peg out with bullseye finish while team mate Lawrence finished with a 98. Paul Kelly threw an outstanding 160 peg out in division one and Dave Furtes also threw an impressive 152 finish. Division three player Rowan Saunders drew applause for his 150 finish. Wednesday night results: Division one Jokers 9, Dart Simpsons 7; Game of Throwns 10, Wolves 6; The Fun Guns 10, Projectile Dysfunction 6. Highest finish men: Paul Kelly (160), women: Amanda Loch (130) Division two Ducks Nuts 8, Fossils 8; Sonic Death Monkeys 11, Red Barons 5; Eliminators 10, Darts Vaders 6; Archers 11, Mix it Up 5. Highest finish men: Dave Furtes (152), women: Amanda Henley (60) Division three Phantom Throwers 9, 3 Darts to the Wind 5; Tons of Bull 8, Bridge Burners 6; 60s are Us 10, What's the Point 4. Highest finish men: Rowan Saunders (150), women: Moniek DeHaan (52) 180s went to Shane Jackson (2), Ian Martin, Paul O'Malley, Andrew Smith, Jeremy Fagg (3), Rob Modra, Amanda Henley, Russell Smith, Cooper Smith, and Shane Mairs.

15 March 2023 A Redlands Darts Association team is flying past their competition after eight wins in a row at the Wednesday night weekly fixtures. The Eliminators beat the Archers 12-4 last week to put them on top of the division two ladder and continue their undefeated streak. Division one team Fun Guns are also undefeated with seven wins, and division three team Tons of Bull, also with seven wins. The Redlands Darts Association would like to thank the Redland City Bulletin for all their support and will sorely miss the weekly results published. Anyone wanting to know more about Redlands darts association incorporated can find us on Facebook or the website page where results, stories and links to all competitions, events and darts news are posted. With over 690 followers the Redlands darts association Facebook page is regularly updated with information and current results from our teams, players and local/ interstate affiliates. Join us today. Wednesday night results Division one Game of Throwns 10, Darts Simpson's 6; The Fun Guns 9, Dumpstarz 7; Projectile Disfunctions 12, Wolves 4. Highest finish men: Jayson Wilson (142), women: Melina Van Den Kieboom (86). Division two Eliminators 12, Archers 4; Darts Vaders 10, Ducks Nuts 6; The Fossils 12, Red Barons 4; Mix it Up 10, Sonic Death Monkeys 6. Highest finish men: Graham Morgan (120), women: Lorraine Maltby (125). Division three 3Darts to the Wind 10, 60s are Us 4; Bridge Burners 9, Funny Tuckers 5; Tons of Bull 8, Phantom Throwers 6. Highest finish men: Tom Beaton (115), Julie Dewey (100) 180s went to Jeremy Fagg (3), Jayson Wilson, Rob Drift, Ian Martin, Ian Russell, Brendan Moelands, Laurie Loch, Russell Edwards (2), Brian Goldfinch, Brett Golding and Ken Rafferty (8/3/2023). Melina Van Den Kieboom scored a 171.

22 march 2023 Redland Darts Association welcomes new members to team comp. As a bayside darts club celebrates five decades of friendly and competitive competition, members are calling for residents to pick up a dart and have a throw. Many members across a range of age groups have enjoyed the competition's casual atmosphere at the Birkdale Sports Club at Judy Holt Park. Members often refer to their spot as the Redlands' best kept secret. Every Wednesday about 140 players pack the venue to play in 22 teams across three divisions. They battle for trophies and bragging rights throughout the year. Players are also selected to represent the club at various competitions. On May 6 and 7, two teams will compete in the Adam and Eve event at Toowoomba, and Redlands will host the Anthony and Cleopatra competition as the Redlands team chases back to back wins after an undefeated run last month. The action kicks off from 8am at the Birkdale Sports Club, where you can also find out more information, chat to players and cheer on the local team. More information can be found at the Redlands Darts Association Facebook page or Wednesday night results Division one Darts Simpson's 10, Wolves 6; Projectile Dysfunction 9, Dumpstarz 7; Jokers 9, Game of Throwns 7. Highest finish men: Bill Potter (142), women: Alfreida Fagg (95). Division two The Fossils 9, Eliminators 7; Darts Vaders 9, Mix it Up 7; Ducks Nuts 10, Red Barons 6; Sonic Death Monkeys 9, Archers 7. Highest finish men: Greg Jones (100), women: Ann Leslie (60). Division three Phantom Throwers 9, Bridge Burners 5; Tons of Bull 11, What's the Point 3; Funny Tuckers 10, Three darts to the Wind 4. Highest finish men: Shane Mairs (72), women: Kylie Swan (57). 180s went to Shane Jackson (2), Paul Kelly (2), Jeremy Fagg (4), Enda Heaney, Brendan Moelands, Ian Russell, Brett Golding and Russell Smith, and Peter Gillespie scored a 171.

Support the Redlands Darts Association team at upcoming home comp. As more residents pick up darts across the bayside, the Redlands Darts Association is calling on fans of the sport to support players in their upcoming matches. The club is urging residents to visit the Birkdale Sports Club on May 6 and 7 to be part of the action in the Anthony and Cleopatra tournament. The Redlands team is coming off an undefeated run at the last competition and is looking to claim back-to-back victories in front of a home crowd. The competition will be a nail biter as some of south-east Queensland's best darts players from 10 clubs meet to aim for glory. The Redlands Darts Association would like to express deep gratitude and sadness for the Redland City Bulletin, which has been instrumental in bringing new players and fame to the club. Their support will be greatly missed. To join the Redlands Darts Association, visit the Facebook page or visit the website at Wednesday night results Division one Dumpstarz 8, Wolves 8; Projectile Dysfunction 15, Jokers 1. Highest finish men: Jeremy Fagg (120), women: Amanda Loch (60). Division two The Fossils 8, Darts Vaders 8; Eliminators 8, Mix it Up 8; Red Barons 8, Archers 8; Ducks Nuts 13, Sonic Death Monkeys 3. Highest finish men: Brett Golding (142), women: Colleen Golding (48). Division three Bridge Burners 8, What's the Point 6; Tons of Bull 14, 60s are Us 0; Phantom Throwers 10, Funny Tuckers 4. 180s went to Jeremy Fagg (4), Darren Hanson (2), Jayson Wilson, Shane Jackson, Rob Modra (2), Kent Hahn, Ryan Gerhardy, Peter Martin, Brendan Moelands, Ian Martin, Russell Smith, Brian Goldfinch and Bodie Richardson. Peter Gillespie also scored a 171.

Winners are Grinners,🏆 Victory Redlands With 21 Wins to 1 Loss Back to Back shield wins! Strong performance! Fantastic too see our players playing so well 👍 Special mentions too 2X180 J Fagg 1x180 Darren Hansen Highest peg Dylan Murphy 98 Thanks to all players for attending the event and played in good spirit 🎯👍 Pot luck was also on great turnout 🎯 Enjoy the photos from the night 🎯🎯 Go Redlands

03 May 2023
170 Peg out - Well done Kent Hanh
and winner of the first Grand View Hotel voucher

Congratulations to all the players in this year’s State team. Special congratulations to our very own Amanda and Laurie Loch, Melina Van Den Kieboom and Rob Modra.

7th May 2023 Congratulations Adam & Eve team on finishing 3rd again. A great weekend had by all. Team played really well together, great team spirit.. Thanks for a great weekend everyone.

7th May 2023 Huge congratulations to our players this weekend fantastic effort and some players new to rep for us, thank you Bill Potter, Ian Russell, Dave Dewey, Jeff Hayes, Bruce Hutchison, Chris Quinn, Ann Leslie, Nicole Rodgers, Christine Paterson, Camile Teoh. Team was undefeated, Ian Russell and Ann Leslie won most singles undefeated.

12/05/23 - BATTLE OF THE BAYS What a great night last night with the Battle of the Bay’s challenge against Wynnum darts. 54 people came together and played a total of 75 games. 180 scored by Robert Drift and Dave Dewey, with Travis Spence throwing a 171. Great darts guys. This time Wynnum were the victors winning 44 games to our 31. Congratulations to everyone who played, you all showed great sportsmanship and friendship, encouraging all the new comers and helping them which is fantastic to see. Next time Redlands will be out to win again. Thank you Wynnum for a great night.

Congratulations to Moniek de Haan winning our Grand View Hotel voucher for her peg out on 10/5/23.

Congratulations to Graham Morgan winning our Grand View Hotel voucher for his first 171 on 17/5/23. Graham has only started playing competition darts this season - well done Graham!

24 May 23 Congratulations to Christine Davis on winning the Grand View voucher for her Ladies highest peg of 83

14/06/2023 Congatulations to Chris Matthews for winning the Grand View Voucher. Chris threw 2 x 19 dart games in a row to win his singles.

WELL DONE TO ALL for the Winter Comp Finals




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INNER CITY FINALS: Congrats to both our teams. Men finished second. Ladies finished sixth.

Winner of the Grand View voucher is Karlene Fahey. Karlene has moved up from 3rd Div to 2nd Div, and her dart playing has improved greatly. Last week helped her team to a draw by winning all her single games.

Winners of the Grand View vouchers this week were from the same Division 3 team:
Damien Booker for a 103 peg and
Kylie Swan for a 102 peg

Well done to the Anthony and Cleo team who played at Inala over the weekend. They came in 3rd. Congrats to Ian Martin for his 2 x 180 and 1 x 171, also Christine Paterson for her 1 x 180. Well done to Shane Jackson for making the play off for most singles but unfortunately missed out on the trophy. A big woop woop to Moniek DeHaan for a personal best score of 162 and a big thank you to Derek Dare for stepping in and helping with the paperwork. Great effort from the whole team 👏

Congratulations to Redcliffe for taking out the Adam and Eve. Runners-up Logan City, third Redlands! The weekend was played in good spirits, and we would like to congratulate the winners and also thank all Birkdale Sport Club, the bar staff and volunteers who helped make this all work smoothly.. There was some great Darts! Congratulations to our own Jeremy Fagg that went undefeated, taking out some lovely awards! Go Redlands ! 🎯

Congratulations to Jonathan Skinner for throwing his first Shangai 120 peg

Charlie Cole was the winner of the Grand View Voucher for his very first 180.

Congratulations to Helen Reay for a pearler of a game last week. Won all her games and also recorded the highest Ladies peg.

02 September 2023 The Redlands team were convincing winners of the inaurgaral Sandy Nicholson Novice Challenge.



Ian Russell is the winner of the grand View voucher for his 147 peg

DARBY and JOAN Last rep game for the year and our players did their best. Men 1st place again undefeated, ladies finished 2nd only losing 1 game. Well done everyone

FINALS - Division 1

WOW! lots of big darts thrown last night in the grand final clash between The Fun guns and Projectile Dysfunction. Result 9-4 to The Fun Guns! Jeremy Fagg 5 x 180; Ryan Gerhardy 3 x 180; Laurie Loch, Amanda Loch and Rob Modra all throwing 2 x 180. Amanda a 93 peg out Rob Modra pegging 144. Great darts everyone! Sean Linnane missing from the photo of Projectile Dysfunction.

FINALS - Division 2

Nail biting game between Ducks Nuts and The Eliminators. Ducks came back from 6-2 down to turn the game around for a draw and were victorious in the 1001 playoff to be this season’s Div 2 champions. Well done to all players - very good sportsmanship and team support the whole game.

FINALS - Division 2

3rd Div saw Phantom Throwers playing Funny Tuckers, starting out with 2 each the Phantoms came through in the singles winning 8-4. Well done everyone and congratulations on some great darts.

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