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Organised competition darts started in the Redlands in the mid 1960’s and the teams playing were part of the Wynnum Darts Association league.  By mid 70’s Redlands players decided that we had enough teams in the Redlands to form our own association.  The inaugural meeting was held on 2nd September, 1976 at the Cleveland Sands Hotel.

The first executive was elected to serve for 15 months to go to the end of December, 1977.

The 1st elected committee was as follows:-

                                                          President:-  Frank Sorensen

                                                          Secretary:-   Ted Perrett

                                                         Treasurer:-    Lorna Begg

Vice President: -   John Love.(went on to be President 1979 to 1982; 1990 &1991; 1995 to 2007 and is still playing darts with Redlands.)

The committee drew up a constitution which was accepted at the next meeting in October.  It was decided to play fixtures on Wednesday nights, game fees were set at $3 per team and player registration was $2/player/season.

The initial venues used were:- Cleveland Sands Hotel, Redlands R.S.L., Capalaba Tavern and the Redland Bay Hotel.  There were 3 divisions playing at the close of 1977.

As the association grew so did our list of venues.  We were joined with teams from Redlands Soccer Club, Capalaba Soccer Club, Redlands Rugby Union Club, Redlands Rugby League Club, Redlands Sporting Club, Capalaba Bowls Club, Grand View Hotel, Vienna Woods Leisure Centre, Alexandra Hills Australian Rules Club, Sharks Australian Rules Club, Alexandra Hills Hotel, Wellington Point Hotel, Capalaba Indoor Cricket Club & Capalaba Junior Rugby League Club.

Organising the fixtures for a home and away draw was quite a juggling act to accommodate everyone’s preferences.   Fortunately we had a dedicated committee who put in tireless hours over the years to make sure everything went smoothly. 

By 1987 there were 42 teams over 5 divisions.

In 1985 the suggestion for own venue was raised by our very forward thinking President – Sandy Nicolson.(1985; 1988 &1989; 1992 to 1994).  We started to put our hard earned money into investment strategies to make it work towards our vision of our own clubhouse.  We approached council for assistance. Their first suggestion was building an annex onto the Albert Morris Pavilion in the showgrounds.  In 1988 plans were drawn up, many meetings attended with council, but the idea didn’t reach fruition due to many obstacles at the time.

Our junior members became established in 1978 with 8 members aged between 7 and 14 years.  The numbers grew and we had more than 20 juniors competing. 

We were very fortunate and proud to have several of our juniors represent Queensland in the Australian Junior Championships over the years. 

During those years we also had members who established an “over 50’s” group and they successfully competed against other associations.  They ended up melding into RDAI jurisdiction and we still play their original tournament, the “Darby & Joan” against 5 other associations 4 times a year on a rotational basis for venues.  The age has now been dropped to over 45.  There is a South Qld. Veterans tournament and a Queensland Darts Association tournament conducted for over 45’s as well.

In 1990 we became incorporated.  Also that year our efforts for a home venue were still struggling as Council was not eager to assist an association on its own.

 They suggested we combine with the Touch Football Club and build a combined clubhouse in the showgrounds.  In February 1991 the suggestion was a hall next to the Albert Morris Pavilion.  The size was to be 20m x 12m costing approximately $160,000. 

We offered a commitment of $40,000 and all internal work in the hall.  Council wanted more from us, so once again we were put on hold.

July 1991 we were given suggestions on available land through the council on the proviso we combined with other sporting bodies. These were a block at the end of Beach St., Cleveland and the Judy Holt Reserve above the Rugby Union Club. 

We also received an offer from the Redlands Junior Rugby League Club with their new clubhouse to be built at Pinklands, unfortunately this was held off due to problems with their land allocation.


In October 1992 Council decided that the Beach St land was too close to residential buildings so we then concentrated on the Judy Holt Park land.  We needed to establish a combined club.  The first name suggested was: “Redlands Indoor Sporting & Recreation Club”.  The club would be built in stages once the land agreement was finalised.

A meeting with interested clubs, Redlands Darts, Capalaba Fishing Club, Redlands Dog Obedience Club, Cleveland Photography Club, Contract Bridge Club, Chess Club & St. John’s Ambulance, was held on 22nd October, 1992.

The council granted the land at Judy Holt Park Reserve in November, 1992 with the hope of a roadway ready by 1st January, 1993 from council.  Soil testing was done in conjunction with the Council.  The final clubs responsible for the clubhouse becoming a reality were: Redlands Darts, Capalaba Fishing Club, Capalaba Buffalo Club, and Eastern Suburbs Bridge Club.

All of these clubs were willing to commit financially towards the building.  The name was to become “Redlands Multi Sports Club Inc.”

Since the clubhouse was built in 1994 it has saved the committee and members countless hours of setting up and organisation every time we hold a tournament, presentation nights, meetings or training new players.

Darts is still one of the cheapest sports to compete in.  Couple that with the social aspect of this sport and it is certainly a desirable alternative for people who want to compete in something but have limited finances to do so. 

There is no age limitation so we have the benefit of a wide range of ages and abilities.

  We look forward to many, many years of competition at this venue we call home. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped us to get to this achievement for without their dedicated efforts we would still be struggling finding places to host our fixtures, social games & tournaments.

Darts Australia

The Structure of Darts Australia is one which develops pathways for all players partaking in the Sport of Darts in Australia.

Our States/Territories are all governed by their own Management Bodies under the banner of Darts Australia.

Our State and Territories all have Associations/Clubs etc. where they draw their players from to participate at State Level and go on to potentially play for their State/Territory.

Darts Queensland is whom Redlands are affiliated with.

The National Level is the next pathway in our structure where we provide for both juniors, Under 25’s and seniors in a yearly competition (Australian Championships).

At these Championships (except in Under 25’s) Players are selected to Represent Australia for DA.

Representation takes our Players to the World Cup every second year and the Asia Pacific in the alternate year.

Our Structure includes a Coaching System for all those wishing to become Coaches under DA banner. Each State/Territory has a Coaching Director who conducts coaching courses and Education programs to ensure we have a quality Program and Pathway to success.

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