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We are the premier darts club in the Redlands area.

We offer a weekly Wednesday friendly competition as well as opportunities for representative competitions (club, state, or even national)


We are focused on fostering and growing the sport of darts within the Redlands Darts Association, by driving forward new initiatives and innovation.

Prioritising on developing pathways to have all members feeling valued, included and welcomed from the moment they walk in our doors to whatever pathway they choose to progress their career.

Our members focused on the social aspects of our game, we will have a support network available for each and every Redlands player, with opportunities for further coaching and mentoring.

Driving Redlands Darts Association forward, with a clear vision of making us the Premier Darts Association in Australia.


1. Continually improve and build the profile of darts as a sport in the Redlands

2. Become the club where player want to join and stay

3. Attract past players to return to playing at our club

4. Foster, develop and co-ordinate a junior program

5. Encourage and focus on developing programs to increase female participation


As a non for profit sport we have provided a family friendly, fun competition and as a club we are committed to and value:

Have fun while playing darts

Have a positive attitude towards the game

Get involved in the operation of the club to enrich the experience of all members

Always uphold the utmost respect towards all members and guests

Be open and honest at all times 

Inclusion of all members and guests

Transparency and Accountability 

Always act in a safe manner

Provide a safe environment at all times

Uphold true sportsmanship

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