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Dartboard Set Up


  1. The dartboard shall be a standard bristle type, in good condition, with wires clearly defined and adequately lit.

  2. The light shall be shaded from player’s eyes.

  3. The dartboard shall be fixed at a height of 1730mm from its centre to a point level with the toe line (called the oche). It shall be so set that a straight line from the centre of the twenty division to the centre of the three division would form a vertical line.

  4. The dartboard shall be so placed that ample space is provided for a scorer on one side.

  5. The dartboard shall be so set that the twenty division shall at all times consist of a dark sector of the board.

  6. The length of the throw shall be set to measure 2370mm measured horizontally from a plum line dropped from the face of the dartboard to the rear edge of the oche. A measurement may also be taken diagonally from the centre of the bullseye to the rear of the oche and shall measure 2934mm.

  7. The oche shall be clearly indicated and parallel with the face of the dartboard. It shall be 1200mm long with half its length on each side of the centre of the dartboard. The oche will be a minimum of 30mm wide with a maximum of 50mm in height.

  8. The oche shall not be over-trodden or trodden upon. Infringement of this rule can lead to a penalty of one dart of that throw being disallowed.

  9. The Captains of both teams shall agree that the dartboard and conditions of play are satisfactory and in accordance with the rules of the game.

  10. Any protest to the condition of the dartboard or condition of play shall be lodged with the opposing Captain before the commencement of the match. In the event of conditions not being altered or in compliance with the protest, the match shall be played under protest and particulars of the protest shall be noted on the back of the game sheet and forwarded to the Association Secretary.

  11. NO PROTEST on the conditions of the dartboard may be made once the game has commenced.


The scoreboard shall be a suitable size (approx. 600 mm by 900 mm), and wherever possible, positioned adjacent to, and on the left side of the dartboard, as viewed facing from the oche.